Thursday, April 18, 2013

Planting and Carrot Coins

 This was my planter last year.  I am still trying to figure out what is coming back this year.  Why do I not write these things down?

 I have a friend that works at a food pantry.  They had lots of leftover vegetables on Monday so they gave them to me.  Look at the carrots. I think there were 100 pounds of carrots alone!  Not even I can use all of these so I took lots of all of this to the shelter.  They were completely out of carrots and onions so were very happy to receive these.

 So I made more carrot coins.

 You can find the recipe here: These are sooo good that you really should try them.  Kids love them too!  I bet my new friend in Texas would love them!

I've started to plant some planters.  I was trying to figure out what to plant in this area when I saw this.

What a sneaky Teddy!  This area is cool but also, at this time of year, she can see the whole garden but no one can see her.

See how she disappears as you go down the stairs?

I planted some herbs along the driveway and this year I planted some sunflowers to see if they will grow in pots.  This area gets lots of sun all day.

My planters so far this year.  Next week I will start to fill them with new plants.