Friday, October 18, 2013


 We are still trying to squeeze as many trips in as we can this Fall and we went somewhere we had not been before....Erie.

 It was a gorgeous Fall day with lots of fog when we headed out very early.

 We headed to a pumpkin farm but when we arrived, it was overrun with small children who were on a field trip so we made a quick exit.

 Then we went exploring the area and found a really nice farm market.

 Lots to choose from.

 Apple cider slushies!
 And cherry apple cider slushies!

 Chocolate covered bacon which I thought was disgusting. Someone else ate it though.

 In general, Erie is rather Eerie, a perfect place for this time of year.

 Lots of abandoned factories.

 What does a city do with these?  Lots of them are right on the lakefront.

 We were seeking Lake Erie perch and almost gave this place a try.

 It sits right across from this tower which you can climb for viewing the lake.

 Instead of eating on the wharf, we headed out to a local favorite hot dog joint we had read about.  What a unique selection they had.  This dog was topped with pierogies, sauerkraut and onion crisps with a drizzle of sour cream and mustard.

 This one had a selection of fiery hot peppers.

And hold on to your socks for this one, it was the best hot dog I have ever eaten, I kid you not!  Limburger cheese, chopped onions and grainy brown mustard.  In a million years I never would have thought of putting Limburger on a hot dog. But when the hot dog is placed on the Limburger, it melts and flows into the mustard and onions and makes a rich creamy sauce that works perfectly.  We all agreed it was the best of the bunch though they all were outstanding.  It was worth going to eerie Erie just for the dogs.