Saturday, August 13, 2011

What I bought at the Fair

I already had her! Teddy's hair is growing back around her eyes.

I bought this sign in Zoar. And no, I did not put the meaning together until I got it home. I was thinking more of my garden than of Eden. So, I will just leave it that way!

This sign I understood immediately!

My favorite Shagbark Hickory syrup. The guy even gave me a cookbook!

My favorite redware people had Halloween and Fall!

One of the booths had the cutest little birds.

I had to get this bucket.

I always buy maple syrup wherever I go.

I bought these at an Amish farm stand for 1.00 each.

I added a new found blog to my sidebar. So, if you like things Amish, check it out. It is written by a guy that has close contact with the Amish and they let him photograph them. It is called Amish Stories.

A new addition from Michaels.

A Halloween lantern.