Saturday, October 1, 2011

Tudor Place Gardens

Welcome to day two of my guest blogs! I am writing this from a Red Roof Inn close to Asbury Park, New Jersey. Soon I will be making the drive to Asbury Park to see an assortment of great bands at the beautifully-dilapidated at the Asbury Park Convention Hall and Paramount Theater.

One note of warning: the Asbury Park photos will be taken with my iPhone. Due to camera restrictions at the ATP Festival, this is unfortunately going to be a necessity. I promise to do my best to make them good!

Also, the above photo is an image of Tudor Place from the street.
This is the back of Tudor Place.
Walking through the gardens and approaching the old Tudor house, which I can't go into because it has ghosts that don't like camera men. And it's the Tudor Place policy.

More shots from the gardens.

The fountain man watches on as Lara approaches a garden lookout.

Back of the old Tudor House.

The enormous front lawn of the old Tudor House at dusk.

Front of the old Tudor House.

A gazebo!

And finally, Lara and I taking advantage of the fisheye lens yet again.

Tomorrow there will be photos from New Jersey courtesy of my camera phone. Until then!

-Blog Tech