Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Country Trip Continued

 So, after the bummer of a Christmas festival, we hit the road again.

 Back through the country passing farm after farm.

 Always looking for signs like these. This is what makes these trips worthwhile.

 Had to pull way over to let this guy drive by. What is this?  I am guessing this is what cuts down corn?

 I think winter trees are beautiful.

 This is a turf farm. 

 Finally we arrived at another Christmas fair in an historic little town.  This log home is being restored.

 I want to live in this one!

 This was promised to be the most realistic WeihnachtsMarkt outside of Germany.  NOT!

 It was cute though.

 I don't like Gluhwein though it seemed everyone was sipping a mug.

 This guy was making wooden utensils.

 Lederhosen alert! And a stein of Gluhwein.

 We loved walking through the leaves.

 The red windows are perfect.

 I thought it was so cute how this guy/girl was just sitting there calmly watching everyone go by.

 Horse drawn cart ride.

 This was once a very important store in this town.

 This was a restaurant but it was closed when we visited.

 There they are!

Great color on this place.