Monday, December 26, 2011

Lazanki (Polish Lasagna)

I made a big Polish brunch over the holiday. lazanki was one of the main dishes. This is a very flavorful, filling dish.

Boil some square noodles. Drain, reserving a cup of the water, and set aside.

I took this opportunity to use some of the ground bacon I recently purchased.

Slice 1 large onion and 1 head of cabbage.

Brown a pound of ground meat, 3 tablespoons of cumin and salt and pepper to taste.

Stir until evenly browned.

Soak some dried mushrooms in hot water until they soften.

Add the onion to the ground meat.

Add the cabbage to the pot.

Chop the mushrooms and reserve their liquid. Add them to the pot.

Strain the mushroom liquid into the pot.

Mix the meat mixture to the noodles and stir to distribute. Use the extra boiling liquid to add moisture.

Sprinkle fresh parsley on top when serving.

I grilled the Christmas kielbasa I bought in Cleveland.

I used the ground bacon for the perogies too. First I fried some thick onion slices in it.

Then added the perogies and salt and pepper.

I served it all with homemade dill pickles and sauerkraut.

The perogies.

Bev's tepenade, lazanki, kielbasa and knockwurst.