Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Roof Project on Hold

 Sorry for more rose photos but it is all I have.  I waited all day yesterday for the roofers.  By 6:00 pm, I gave up and called them.  They said their truck broke down.  I said, BULLSHIT!!!

 I mean really, no one had a cell phone?  And, your truck broke down for 11 hours? I hate being lied to.

 I checked the weather again this morning.  (above...cuke blossom alert!)

 There are two major storms which could hit us. (above...zucchini blossom sighting!)

 Depending on how these storms play out, we could get lots and lots of rain.

 Flat roofs are not good at their best.

 A flat roof covered by a tarp would keep me awake at night worrying.  I live at the very top of a mountain and we get very high winds.

 So, the roof project is on hold until we see a forecast clear of rain. (this is a view of the guest house coming down the stairs from above.)

 We have had barely a drop of rain this entire Spring.

 Murphy's Law!

 In retrospect, thank god for incompetent workmen or I would be roofless right now with lots of rain possible. Sometimes things work out for the best.

A harvest of garden lettuce!  It makes me very happy.