Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Some of My Favorite Spices

 I like to use all sorts of salt and spices in my cooking and I am always on the lookout for new ones to incorporate into my dishes.  I collect lots of different salts and this is one of my favorites.  Truffle salt is great sprinkled on steaks and burgers because it adds a depth of flavor.  It is particularly good on french fries and popcorn too.

 Mahlab is the pit of the sour cherry.  Ground up, it has a sweet-sour nutty flavor that is delicious in breads, cookies and scones.

 I love this Krakow Nights Polish seasoning from Penzeys.  It's great on all kinds of meats, in soups and of course, in halushki.

 I now use this almost exclusively instead of red pepper flakes. Korean chili flakes are earthy, fruity and smoky.  They waken up any dish and depending on how much you use, they can brighten a dish or add a kick to it.

 Sumac berries are widely used in Mediterranean cuisine.  Sometimes it's sprinkled on food as a condiment. It has a lemony flavor which adds a fruity sourness to sauces.

 I add truffle zest to dishes when I want them to have an earthy flavor.  It's especially good in meatloaves and meatballs.  I add it to rice and soups and gravies.

 Aromat Seasoning is a good all purpose seasoning to use on just about anything.

Sazon Goya can be found in most grocery stores or Latin American markets.  I use this a lot!  The garlic and onion can be used in almost all soups, stews and sauces.  The Coriander & Annatto is used in stews, soups, pasta, rice, beans and mixed into cooked vegetables.

 I think we get used to adding the same spices and flavorings to our food.  I like to experiment with flavorings, especially from other countries, to see how they improve and enrich the food I make. If you want to take your cooking to the next level, give some of these a try.