Monday, August 3, 2015

Zoar Vendors

There were a lot more vendors at Zoar this year than there have been in several years.  I was happy to see this because last year there were so few that I thought they might end the festival.
 These birds reminded me of my friend Kary because I bought her one the year before she died.

 This set was fabulous.  I sure wish I had somewhere to put it but I don't.

 Hand woven baskets.

 I was so tempted but I took a pass.

 If you've ever hooked a rug you know how much work went into these.

 Noah's arks.

 These were precious.

 I walked by here mumbling:  Please God don't let me buy any redware.  I have a redware addiction.

 More rugs.

 Handmade furniture.  This piece was wonderful.

 All of these are hand carved.


Please God don't let me buy any brooms.  I have a broom problem too.  Tomorrow I will show you some of the town.

In case you haven't noticed, there are only 88 days until Halloween.  Fall festival season is underway and I hope to be attending lots of them on the upcoming weekends so hopefully I will have lots of photos to post.