Thursday, March 9, 2017

Early Spring In My Gardens

 It's been so mild and we have had so much rain that my grass is green. In the middle of the pic you can see one of my mirror chains with a heavy glass star fish.

 Teddy and I took a walk down to the lower garden.  She loves to drink dirty water.

 I love the woods this time of year.  My paper bark maples are beautiful.

 A bit of Spring color.

A few daffodils are blooming.
 TMI...a view you rarely see...Teddy's butt.  The winds were blowing  harder than I can remember.
 "OMG, showed people my butt?"

 "How dare you?"

 "I might have to run away from home."

 "If I don't get blown away from home first."

 A resting garden.

 Teddy terrorizes the fish as she looks for a place to get a drink through the leaves.

"A few leaves never hurt anyone."
 The majestic 'Weeping Beech'.

 Some trees are budding out....allergies!

 This is the first time I've ever seen this.  I still have leaves on the Oakleaf Hydraneas as they are budding.  We have had the mildest winter in years.

My new project....wind chimes.  I made these copper and glass wind chimes yesterday. It was  a perfect day to try them out. If they survived the wind we had, they are good to go.  I'm not thrilled with these but they are the first ones I've made.  I'll improve with practice.  (Click for a closer look.)