Monday, July 28, 2014

Blueberry Muffins with a Lime Glaze

It's blueberry season and I wanted to make something special with the blueberries we picked the other day.  These blueberry muffins are the best.
 Start by putting a cup of blueberries in a heavy pot and add 2 tsp. of sugar.  Cook until the berries start breaking down and then mash them with a potato masher.  Set aside to cool.  You can find the step by step recipe here:

I use a large ice cream scoop to transfer the batter to the lined pans.

Drop a teaspoonful of the berry sauce into the middle of each muffin.

Use a skewer to swirl it around in the batter.

Once they are all swirled, pop them in the oven.

Fresh from the oven and smelling really good.

I drizzled them with a lime glaze.

I took these to a dinner party last night.  When I go to a dinner party, I like to give the host something to enjoy for breakfast the next morning.  I sat these on the counter and though another dessert was served after dinner, people dove into the muffins. The first guy that ate one looked at me after he was finished and said...these are the real deal.  Yes, they are.