Sunday, May 22, 2011


You might recognize this from my sidebar. This, however, is not a photo. It is an oil painting I commissioned from Patricia Wall, a wonderful artist. As the Blog Tech informed you, I have decided to let him sell all of my collections on ebay. I have too much stuff and I have a burning desire to get rid of every single thing. For perhaps the first time in my life, I have stopped buying things. My husband agreed that we both want to do this. It was his birthday this past week and I wanted to get him something and knew the only thing that would fit into our new lifestyle would have to be something to do with Teddy. When I found Pattie, I knew I found the perfect birthday present. You can see more of her work here:


I made Portuguese clams for the birthday dinner and held a dozen or so out to be steamed for you know who? Here she is, walking towards me to see what I am up to.

This is the look on her face when I said...."I've got something for you!" Suddenly she is a bit more interested.

She is on the clam run.

My husband offers her one. First she smells it.

Then she gulps it.

Then another.

See the blue tongue?

Then she drank the clam juice.


Things to plant.

As long as I was outside with the camera I thought I would snap a few shots of what is green.

And beige!

What a wonderful job!

My husband had a very good birthday. Thank you Pattie for something we will both treasure for the rest of our lives!