Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Amish

Yesterday was a beautiful day so we headed out to Amish country to shop.
Since I mention the Amish so much on my blog, I thought I would tell you a bit about them.

The Amish religion started in Switzerland.

The Amish speak 3 languages.  They speak English in school, Pennsylvania Dutch at home and Hoch Deutsch (high German) during worship.

Men never cut their beards though no mustaches are allowed.  Woman never cut their hair.

You can't convert to Amish.  There are roughly 180,000 Amish in the USA and they are not recruiting.  You are born into the religion and they accept very few converts.

Most Amish children only go to school through 8th grade.  After that, they are expected to work with their family.

Amish are allowed to ride in cars though they are not permitted to drive them.

Amish dolls do not have faces.

The Amish practice bundling.  When a man and woman are courting, they will be wrapped tightly in sacks and laid on a bed so they can develop intimacy without sex. Some have bundling beds which is a bed with a board down the middle to prevent intimacy.  

Because of inbreeding, many Amish have impairments but these are accepted in each community and are not frowned upon. 

As we were driving through Amish country, we saw a sign for Pick ur Own Blueberries and we did just that.  Picking blueberries is a lot of work!

I bought lots of tomatoes for sauce.

And rhubarb!  What a surprise, I thought the season was over.

In my attempt to eat as much corn as possible this summer, I bought another dozen. In Amish country, they give you 13 ears in a dozen.