Thursday, May 9, 2013

Dogwoods in Bloom

 I have dogwoods all over the gardens.

 And they are beautiful when they bloom.

 My poppies are still blooming too.

 Teddy checks out the newly planted yarrow.

 This is the Japanese Maple that split a few years ago from the heavy snow.  It is thriving and doing very well.

 These cathedral roses are spreading all over the garden.

 I am still planting the lower vegetable garden.

 I have about 15 different tomato varieties.

 Cucumbers and beans will hopefully climb this trellis.

 Fennel is planted next to them.

 I over planted peppers and eggplants.  Well, I guess that remains to be seen depending on how many I get.

 The celery seems to shoot up an inch a day.

 There are lots of serviceberries too but I doubt I will get to them before the birds.  They taste much like blueberries.

 Though the grapes were not looking too good, they are now thriving.

 This Toadflax has planted itself along the side of the guest house along with Violets and Lily of the Valley. I love when my grounds garden themselves.

 More self planted Herbavores.

 The Katsuras are quite something.  These are the trees that give off the scent of cotton candy.

 We got a tiny bit of rain and the Hostas drank it in.

 The Weeping Beech is almost totally open.

 The faithful pup waits for me to return to the upper garden.

 My potted garden continues to grow and yes, I have to water it daily.

The lettuce is finally growing and I can't wait for the first salad.