Sunday, February 1, 2015

How To Make a Tutu

 I have a little friend that loves to dress up in costumes so I decided to make her a tutu.  This was a good project for someone with very limited sewing skills, that being me!  Measure the waste size and cut a piece of elastic 2 inches smaller. Sew the ends together by hand or using your machine. Cut out a piece of cardboard to the length you want the tutu to be.

 I used 3 rolls of tulle for this.  Wrap the tulle around the cardboard overlapping as you go.

 Place a rubber band around the end you are going to cut to hold it in place.

 Cut one end of the tulle.

 You need something to put the elastic around.  I cleaned this old bucket and used it.

 Like this.

 I wanted to make this tutu very colorful so I used three different colors.

 Just loop each piece of tulle under the elastic.

 Push the strands through the loop.

 Pull to tighten.

 Then tie a knot.  Keep repeating this around the elastic alternating the colors.

Viola!  A tutu for a little girl.  I think I need a grandbaby!