Friday, May 9, 2014

What's Growing in the Garden

 I think everyone knows what this means.....a trip to the lower gardens is being requested.  My grass is all weeds.  I've been killing them with vinegar and salt and will be re-seeding soon.

 The Solomon's Seal is thriving.

The middle pond is nice and clear.  I like to see this because I try to hold down the mosquito population as much as possible.  However, the last few years I rarely see any because of how many birds and bats we have throughout the gardens.

Ferns are popping up everywhere.  For some reason, my ferns are spreading like crazy after the harsh winter we had.  Why does a really cold winter make so many perennials spread?

The fish are frolicking now that the creek is running. This is a very large pond.  The fish are about a foot long though they look small here.

Another current pic.  I am so excited to pick these.  I think I will cover them in netting so the birds can't get them.

Serviceberries.  I know the birds will eat all of these before I get to them.

Don't you just love perennials?  They come back with such gusto.

The Blog Tech and I are off very early tomorrow for a festival which we are hoping to be the best one yet! I hope to have lots of photos!