Friday, January 23, 2015

The Ugly Basement

 I finally finished the basement.  Though it looks better, it is still an ugly basement.  But for 140 year old house, I guess I shouldn't complain.  This was the pantry area before we painted the floor.

Here it is now.  A bit neater looking.
 This was the other area before I got started.

 Here it is after I cleaned it up.

 And here it is now.

 I can actually see from one end to the other.

 Teddy checked every nook and cranny.  There could have been bad kitties hiding under all that stuff.

 Thank god I found nothing alive or dead down here.

 I might have to crack out my roller skates!

The first person that throws something in here and does not put it in it's proper place is out on the street!