Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Couple Shoutouts and a New Find

 I am sending virtual flowers to my friend Tom at A Hippo on the Lawn.  http://hippo-on-the-lawn.blogspot.com/  Tom has had a really rough go recently with malaria and has to be flown to England to enter hospital for a while.  If you know Tom already, you know how less than thrilled he is with this inconvenience.  If you don't know Tom, you are missing a real trip!  Hop on over and read some of his past posts and wish him a quick recovery.  There are a lot of people missing him right now.  What can I say about Tom?  There is no one quite like him!  He is a jewel.  And this comes from someone that collects rarities!

Also, if you like seeing Teddy and following her antics, please visit my friend Olly at:  http://tokyochow.blogspot.com She says her chow Bon Bon is the stubbornist chow in Tokyo.  She's lucky because Teddy is the most stubborn chow in the world.  Olly is showing gorgeous photos of the cherry blossoms in Tokyo right now.

 On another note, if you have never eaten a passion fruit, try one if you can get your hands on one. I bought one at the store yesterday, 2.00 for one passion fruit! At 50 cents a bite, it was worth every penny.  Passion fruit makes me swoon.  I wish I could get them more often.  And yes Leanne, I have major passion fruit jealousy!  Leanne grows them in her gardens in NZ.