Monday, August 27, 2012

Fall Decorating

 I did some more Fall decorating.  I keep these lit all day.  I know they would make Kary smile.  Her memorial went very nicely and The Bad Ones stayed away.  Thank you to everyone that memorialized Kary.

 The mantle is covered with toads, mushrooms, pumpkins and leaves.

 I am pulling out all of my Fall signs.

 I sure will miss going to Salem this year but it was to hard to coordinate the kid's schedules.  Plus, Teddy can not be counted on to get in and out of the car this year which makes traveling difficult.  If she doesn't want to get in the car there is no one that can get her in it.  I need Cesar.

 Some of my brooms.

 My velvet pumpkins.

 These candles turn on at dusk each night.

 We stopped by a store selling these.

 It was in Amish country.

 Teddy can't wait for Fall.

 It makes me happy to look at this.

And gives me hope I will see this soon too!  Well, maybe not this much!