Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Walk Through The Fall Garden

 The middle pond.

 The upper pond had some fog action going on.

 The red maples are the first to change.

 The Beauty Berries are a deep purple now.

 I have mushrooms everywhere.  I wish I knew if they are edible.

 The gurgling millstone.

 I love Paper Bark Maples.

 The Oakleaf Hydrangeas have dried out and their leaves are turning red.

 The fish are gigantic. They should have no trouble wintering over this year.

 Chard is producing for the third time this season.

 The woodpile is stocked for fires.

 Horseradish growing through the mums.

 My leeks are almost ready to be picked.

 These guys are springing up all over the garden.  They could end up being a problem.

 And look who is waiting to greet me when I return to the upper garden?

 But then she spies a squirrel.

 Which direction to go in first?

 Last years mums are blooming everywhere.

 I finally ripped out all of my summer vegetables.

Today I will replant the empty pots with new mums.