Tuesday, July 9, 2013

To Market To Market

 It was pouring this morning so I headed out to do some shopping.  Teddy moved before I could get a pic of her under her umbrella.  It was raining so hard that she started barking at the rain.

 I love the markets in my town. I have one of the best fish mongers anywhere.  I got there as they were unlocking the doors.  They had just put out fresh sardines flown in from Italy.  These babies came home with me.

 I picked out some red snappers with very clear eyes and had them cut them into filets.  They always give me the skin to cook for Teddy.

 Perfect filets.  Unless you caught these yourself they couldn't be much fresher.

 I bought Teddy some scallops too.  She loves fish and seafood.

 At the next store I bought some wonderful butters.  The white one is from Parma, Italy and the gold one is a double Devon cream from the UK.

 I had them grate 2 pounds of Parmesan cheese for me.

 I'll show you what I will be doing with these cheeses later in the week. Clockwise from top left:  Graskaas Beemster, saffron truffle cheese, Double Gloucester and a semi hard goat cheese.

 Teddy thinks the goat cheese is delicious.

 This is Teddy's dindin.  Lean pork and chicken, dry mini chunks, crisped fish skin and her cutting board.  She insists on licking her cutting board.  Like a little kid licking the beaters.

 I bought fresh mozzarella which they made early this morning.

 And a selection of sausages which will be shown later in the week too.

 A gallon of olive oil.  I buy whichever brand they have on sale.  This was 13.99 for the gallon.

 Italian tuna and beans in oil.

 Lots of pitted Kalamata olives.  This store has bins filled with over 40 different kinds of olives.  You pick the kind you like and fill the container yourself.

 BTW...Teddy loved her fish skin.

 And I bought this cute bottle of local honey.

 It gives me bee envy.  I want my own bees so badly but I am terribly allergic.

 And black truffle oil.  I use this all the time.  It is delicious on eggs, pizza, pasta, potatoes....on and on!  Drizzled on a bowl of mushroom soup.....ahhhh!

And my favorite coffee.