Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Durian Fruit

Addendum to the Durian Fruit Video

I wanted to like the Durian Fruit. I really did. The idea of a fruit that tastes like caramel flan was exciting-still is exciting, in fact. And I almost managed to like it. But that smell....Imagine a very bad smell, like rotten food or garbage, and then imagine if that smell got really angry at you and decided it was going to get you.

I opened the freezer tonight, twenty-four hours having passed since placing two sealed tupperware containers full of durian fruit within it. Much to my surprise and horror, the freezer smelled of the fruit! And the freezing did nothing to quell the odor. I have thrown out the two pieces of tupperware because they have demons in them and mere detergents and dishwashers are useless.

The big question still on my mind is this: who was the first guy to eat one of these and enjoy it? They are sold in markets, after all. Someone *must* like them, though I haven't personally met any of these people. One person I know says they are good in smoothies so long as someone else makes them, but I fear that I'll have to throw my entire refrigerator out before having the opportunity to make one of these 'smoothies'.

My advice: beware the Durian Fruit. It is not your friend. It's spiky shell clearly indicates that it wants to be left alone, and it's best to do as it wishes.