Saturday, August 29, 2015

Summer's End Spaghetti

Here's another very good, easy and quick recipe to use up your tomatoes.    I used angels hair but you can use any pasta you like.                                                                                 
 An hour or so before you are ready to eat, dice up a bunch of tomatoes and throw them in a bowl.  Add a finely diced sweet onion, several minced cloves of garlic, some diced green pepper and salt and pepper.  Cut up a bunch of basil and add it too.  Drizzle this with a good olive oil and mix it all together. 
 Let this sit at room temp for at least an hour and stir it occasionally.

 Boil your pasta  and then stir in the tomato mixture and toss it to coat the pasta.  Serve it sprinkled with parmesan cheese. It's summer in a bowl!