Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Our last and best festival this past weekend was a fiber festival.   I wish so much that I was a better knitter because I am so drawn to all of this .
 Alpaca socks for sale. Best socks ever!

 I was a bit overwhelmed.

 There was so much to choose from.

 There was wool in all shapes and forms.


 I would also love to learn how to spin.  I have a drop spindle but not a wheel.

 The Blog Tech got a stern look from a spinner.

I didn't buy anything.  I couldn't justify purchasing more yarn when I already have so much at home.
 Classes were offered throughout the day.

 This little guy took a liking to The Blog Tech.

 He was for sale too.


 A shearing demo was about to take place.

 Fleece for sale.

 Most of the animal were for sale.


 This one was checking out my hand to see if I was safe.

 The hay always tastes better on the other side of the fence.

 Hello there!

 The event was on the small side but it was still very nice.

 A domesticated animal watching from his personal domain.

 Then we headed off to go home on the back roads.

 Many people were selling BBQ from their driveways.

 We saw some interesting houses along the way.

 And an old log home.  We have already picked out another festival for next weekend!