Sunday, December 27, 2015

Teddy's Christmas

 Teddy gets very excited on Christmas morning which is not typical chow chow behavior.  She led the pack in to open the presents.

 She checks out Dada's stocking..there might be a bone in there somewhere.

 Then she planted herself and waited for the action to begin.

 She checks each present closely...there might be a bone somewhere.

 Finally...a bone!!!

 She immediately takes it outside to hide it but she won't do that until no one is watching.

 Go back inside Mama and unwrap more presents and leave me and my bone alone.

Teddy returns boneless and with a schmutzigen Gesicht (a dirty face).  Teddy speaks lots of German.  That bone has been buried somewhere and I can't find it.
 She patiently observes the present unwrapping.

 Until a pair of shoes catch her attention.

She sticks her paw in the box but they don't fit.
Then she dropped her newest toy on the coffee table for safe keeping.  It was a good Christmas.