Friday, May 30, 2014

Hot Dog Relish

While pouring through my new favorite blog, I found his recipe for hot dog relish. I new I had to make some right away.
You can find his recipe here:
I actually put the extras in a water bath and canned it.    Take some time and check out his blog.  He has great recipes and gardening advice.
I also researched some other relish recipes and decided to try this famous hot dog relish from Maine.  It is called Flo's Famous Hot Dog Relish and it is wicked good.

You can find this recipe here:

I think if you are going to eat something like a hot dog, you should eat the very best hot dog possible.

I used the hot dog bun recipe I found on docaitta too.

Flo's sauce cooks for quite some time until most of the liquid is gone.

I made my gang hot dogs using a different relish on each dog and they loved both of them.