Sunday, September 22, 2013

And Then It Rained

 More pics of yesterday's fair.

 You could ride around the fair grounds in a surrey.

 A hobbits hut.  This was actually very clever.  It was built out of found objects.

 This booth sold replicas of colonial battle implements.

 Unique seating.

 Baskets and pumpkins and I didn't buy either.

 Homemade rootbeer, cream soda and orange pop.

 Food booths.

 And then came the rain.

 It poured.

 The Blog Tech was not happy.

 He gave me the look.  No, really, we had a blast.  We were soaked through to our skin.

 Small rivers formed.

See how happy he is!

Happy Mabon!!!  I baked Dark Mother Bread and Mabon cake.