Sunday, August 10, 2014

The End of the Summer

 The Oakleaf Hydrangeas are turning brown.  Summer is waning.

 Teddy is always so busy in her garden.

 My carrots never got very big.  I guess I needed to thin them more than I did.

 These tomatoes are the size of softballs.

 Tomatoes and eggplants.

 Roma and cherries.

 It seems like every time I walk outside, I bring at least a handful of these inside. They ripen so quickly. I have them in red, orange and yellow.

 Peppers continue to grow. I haven't harvested too many peppers but the ones we've eaten have been wonderful.

 Okra, herbs, tomatoes and flowers.

 I leave a trails of clippings behind everywhere I go.  My husband picks them up.

 Another fire last's football season!

 The corner of shame.....plants still not planted, fertilizers that have not fertilized.

My dead maple, slaughtered by a bad neighbor.  It put out some new growth which quickly died.  It will come down next spring and be replaced with a new pergola for privacy.