Monday, November 21, 2016

Thanksgiving Prep Begins

 I am, as usual, making Thanksgiving dinner entirely on my own.  I think I cook better distractions.  The trick to Thanksgiving dinner is planning.  This year I will be hosting 14 people so organization is the key.  Yesterday I made turkey stock to turn into gravy.

 All of these recipes can be found by typing them into my search bar.  I use an assortment of turkey parts and lots of vegetables and herbs in the stock.

 I also baked and froze my potato rolls.

 I always make these for Thanksgiving.

 They are buttery, slightly sweet and very fluffy.

 I made 4 recipes of them so everyone can take some home,

 I prepped 3 pound of pearl onions for creamed peas and onions.  This is a labor of love.

I also made and froze some pumpkin cloverleaf rolls.  I'm gaining on it.