Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Christmas Tree

 I finished the tree.
BTW...the kids loved the Frito pies yesterday and not a drop was left.  It's hard to imagine that they can eat that much food.

 My decorating might be done.

 A little display on an antique chest I bought in Korea and two Korean lanterns.

 My TV is in that cabinet and Tommy tumbleweed sits in the green bowl on top.  My husband chased Tommy down on a road in Sante Fe and we shipped him home.

 I used to put a tree up in every room but now I just do one.  I decorate it in vintage glass Victorian ornaments.

 And some glass woodland creatures like this frog.

Some of the ornaments are colored glass and some are mercury glass.
 I have one Polish Santa.

And the most important ornament of all.....Teddy!