Monday, September 15, 2014

Another Fall Festival

 Saturday was  a perfect day to attend another Fall festival.  It was gloomy, cool and kind of day!

 This festival was held at a park in northeastern Ohio.  As you entered, you passed the livestock area....peeuuuwww!

 Though it was a perfect day for me, the poor vendors were less than thrilled with the conditions. Everyone had cold, wet feet.


 This woman decorated old doors and windows.

 Interesting birdhouses with equally interesting feeders hanging below them.

 Lots of Fall decorations.

 Small picket fences.

 I wish I had a closer pic of these.  They are cement fairie cottages and were just as cute as could be.

 Brooms...I managed to not buy one.  They were wonderful though.


 Smoke so good it should be illegal.

 I am sure a lot of hot apple cider was sold.

 There was quite a bit of Christmas on display.  I can hardly look at it.  I don't want to rush Fall.

 Pinecone garlands.

 Nice weathervanes.

 Blown glass pumpkins.

I really wanted the leaf pie plate but I didn't buy it.  Now I wish I had.

 Dried status.

 These tables were beautiful but I had no where to put one.

 I left the fair with two rugs.

 These were woven by two Amish women.

Perfect colors for my time of year.