Monday, March 21, 2016

Another Maple Festival

This past weekend was the last of the maple festivals.
We headed out early and drove north.

 All  of the sugar shacks in this area are on dirt roads and our car turned brown quickly.

 You drive forever and see virtually nothing and then suddenly, in the middle of nowhere, you see.....
 lots of cars!  This shack was giving away free breakfast which apparently is very popular.

 They were still boiling too. 

 All of the maple equipment at all of these shacks comes from Canada.

 It was so crowded that we turned around and left.

 This tour does not offer near the samples that the last one did.  Plus, syrup was 15.00 more per gallon.

 They were selling maple ham sandwiches and maple apple cider.

 They all offer a range of syrup colors.  I always try to buy the darkest because it has the best flavor.

I stocked up because it's a long wait until sugaring off next year.