Sunday, May 26, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

 I went down to the lower gardens this morning to see how my plants were doing and to feed the fish. They are hungry little buggers.

 On the way back up, I stopped to look at the lily pads in the top pond. Their blooms are one of my favorite flowers.

 Suddenly, a beast appeared in the bushes.

 A big grunting, snorting beast.

 Teddy galloping up the steps.

 She was moving fast.

 Be careful on that stepping stone little girl.

 She managed it very well.

 Once up top she checks her yard.

 Yes, I am blogging about you again my pup.

 Belladonna is growing everywhere this year.

 Teddy checks all the 'bad kitty' hiding places.

Sorry pup, no bad kitties today.