Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Teddy and Her Bone

 Teddy was in her favorite spot the other day and was looking rather bored.

I know what perks her up and keeps her occupied for quite some time.

 A bone!

 The bigger, the better.  This one was so big that she had to drop it a couple of times until she could get a good firm bite on it.

 Whenever she first gets a bone, she grunts like a caveman.

 Then she stands in one place looking perplexed.  I always wonder what is going through her mind at this point.

 Teddy and her shadow.

 Eventually she starts the wandering.

 She covers the entire garden.

 Looking for the special secret hiding place.

 I never know where I might find the bones.

Bye Bye Teddy....find the right spot!

I found it 2 days later buried in a flower bed.