Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day 1 Post-Op

You know, through all my years of being a mother, some things never cease to amaze me. When my kids were small and I sometimes thought I would lose my mind because I never got a break from the job, I would fantasize about having an entire day to myself. Then, in the very rare times that something would happen when my kids would be gone for several hours or the entire day, I could not figure out what to do with myself. I would miss them terribly and worry that they were okay. That's what happened to me yesterday. I had planned on going to some thrift stores and farmer's markets. Maybe even see a movie. But then my husband and son left for the hospital at 3:00 in the morning and I sort of became immobilized. I tried to sleep a bit more but forget that. I got up and stated putzing around the house and all I could think about was what was happening to Teddy at that moment.

I managed to drag myself to Michaels thinking a Fall distraction might work. It sort of did for a very short time. And if you have a Michaels around and you like mushrooms...they have a terrific sale on them right now. That one right in the middle cost $4.50 and it is about 6 inches high and wide. If you click on the first pic you can see how many I bought and all the different colors.

They come in two sizes. I put some in the bird feeder. The small ones cost around $2.40.

I am so desperate for Fall colors that I even bought these little Fall colored jewels to scatter around.

CAUTION!!! Stop here if you can't handle seeing Teddy after her surgery. She came through like a trooper. She did go in fighting and they had to muzzle her. She knocked the muzzle off and my husband had to put it back on. Then he and my son left the hospital and as soon as she saw them walk out the door, she turned around and willingly walked away with the technicians.

Awwww...poor puppy! They did both her upper and lower lids and the corners as well. She had extensive rolling of the lids so she ended up with well over 150 stitches. They said that for a long time she must have been feeling like she had sand in her eyes so this has given her immediate relief.

They had to shave the area around both eyes which is really why it looks so bad. In these photos she is still quite drugged. She has to wear the face vase for 2 weeks. I immediately cut about 3 inches off of it. I am sure there are not many dogs that like wearing these but chows have a particularly hard time. Chows only have one joint in their legs so when they go up and down steps they have to bunny hop. No doing that while wearing the face vase. Chows have very short legs and their bodies are close to the ground so the cone almost drags on ground. She can't eat from her bowl or drink either. So, I have to hand feed her and hold a small saucer of water inside the cone when she needs a drink.

Teddy broke the golden rule of chows. When they took her out of the cage post-op, she pooped on the hospital floor. Teddy won't poop in her own yard or even an area she considers to be her own. Inside a building is unthinkable. I guess she was showing them what she thought of the whole ordeal.

She must be on a leash the entire time so she can't get to anything to rub her eyes. She gets the stitches out in two weeks and will have to be sedated again.

Hang in there my dear sweet puppy! You will be back to your beautifulness soon and be able to see so much better! I wonder if Cher and Joan Rivers would keep doing this if they had to wear the face vase?

Teddy and I want to thank you all so much for the many thoughts and good wishes you all took the time to send. It meant so very much to all of us!