Sunday, October 17, 2010

On the Road Again

Teddy is ready to visit the witches. She is settled into her 'pup-mobile'!

Dignity even during exciting trips is a priority.

A great Fall day to start the trip.

The colors are at their peek.

Crossing lake Chautauqua in New York. Home of the mighty Muskellunge fish.

I could look at this all day long and guess what? I did!

I love that the Native Americans got this piece of land right in the middle of New York. The government has to pay them to run the thruway through the middle of the reservation. I know it does affect local jobs and that it is a complicated issue but this time the Indians won the war.

This is why people hate it. They can sell cigarettes and alcohol much cheaper than off the reservation.

Ohio river in the Seneca language.

The reservoir is dry due to the drought.

Fine Fall weather.

They also got the rights to build a casino.

A very big casino which turns quite a profit.

They even have a Seneca McDonalds.

This is my all time favorite farm. The Senecas use this now as their offices.

We made our requisite stop at the cheese shop in Cuba.

Their cheese is wonderful but their cows are fake!

Every little town you drive through is decorated to the hilt.

You see lots of 'turn of the century' Victorian architecture.

And you are in apple country so apple are sold everywhere.

This is actually a week past peek so not many leaf peepers were out.

A wonderful example of a dry stone wall.

Can you imagine how long it took to build this. This rock would have come out the surrounding ground.

Lake Keuka

I love Fall. In case I haven't mentioned that before.

Fox Horn Winery

There are wineries every couple hundred feet in this area. Most have wonderful cafes.

The fox.

I saw way too many of these along the way.

Many of the towns decorate each of their telephone poles along main street.

Uh we go with the no reservation signs. A hot political topic in this area.

We finally make our first stop at the farm house we rent. Teddy sits right under her food as it is prepared. She is a little bit sleepy!

Hurry up with my food is nap time.

Or maybe I will just take a short nap before dinner.

We are about to leave for Salem at any moment. More pics tomorrow.

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