Saturday, February 19, 2011

Thrift Finds

I had a decent thrift day yesterday. I found this brand new steamer still in the box wrapped in plastic with the instructions. Perfect timing and I will show you what I used it for tomorrow. $3.49.

I needed a new soap dispenser for the kitchen and I found this one, brand new, for 1.49.

Isn't this too cute? It is only about 5 inches long. It will be fun to have on my potting table.

If any of you are scrapers, you will appreciate what a good find this is. For 1.99, I got about 50 sheets of this gold card stock paper.

I love this little guy.

He will hold the soap next to my outdoor sink. 99 cents.

This porcelain rose is in perfect shape and will be great used in one of my garden totems. $1.29.

I will be using this in a garden totem too. 95 cents.

I love this porcelain frog. It's almost time for tulips and this will hold them perfectly. $1.95 for a frog is a very good buy.

These two ducks are about a foot long. They are in perfect shape too. $1.95 for the pair. I like to put these near my pond. If I had real ducks Teddy would have a lot more fun with them.

I buy as many of these as I can find. I paid 59 cents and 99 cents for them. I use them to top off my garden totems.

The thrift stores are still really bare. I did find a professional electric piano for the Blog Tech. It is in perfect shape and cost 149.00. When we got it home, he looked it up and found that the cheapest used one he could find was about 1500.00. A very good day for a very happy Blog Tech!