Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fog or Steam

I wish I could tell you these shots were all taken in the early morning fog. Alas, they were snapped during the early morning steam. That is steam over top of the huge Weeping Beech.

You see, we finally had something that I hear is called rain. Not much mind you, just enough to cause steam. And let me be very clear about this, it did not cool things off! It made it hotter, thus....steam!

Do you see why I took this photo? Leaves on the ground = coming of Fall = cooler temps? If not, who exactly do I complain to?

The Oakleaf Hydrangea flowers are almost completely brown. Impending Fall.

Even the creek is steamy.

The ferns are on their way out and losing their color.

Notice some yellow leaves on the Katsuras? There smelled like passion fruit as I was taking the photos. I guess the smell changes as the season ends. They smell like cotton candy in the spring.

Poached fish.

The Japanese Maple is turning red.

Look what the drought has done to these Hydrangeas.

One of the last Zinnias.

The outdoor fireplace's mantel.

Teddy sure misses visiting her ponds. I bet when she returns on Tuesday minus the cone, this is the first place she will head to.

A slug on the Hosta. Slugs love steam.

The Hostas are giving it up for Fall too.

A happy stone frog in the ivy.

You can see the dying lily pads on the perimeter yet there are new ones along with new flower towards the center.

Please, whomever is in charge of weather, release us from this heat!!!