Sunday, November 3, 2013

Amish Country

 We headed out to a Christmas Festival yesterday.  This one was way out in the country.

 Though there was not much around, there are always lots of churches.

 And farms.  After our storms the trees looked much more like Thanksgiving than Halloween.

 An Amish corn crib. Click for a closer look.

 Hi there!

 It was such a gorgeous drive.

 The long and winding road.

 We were in beef country.  There were beef farms everywhere.

 Saturday morning is a very active Amish time.  Buggy after buggy went by.

This guy was driving a convertible!  That's all for today as I am baking 300 stuffed cabbage rolls I made early this morning and now am about to make 100 cups of mashed potatoes.  Happy shelter guys at dinner time this evening!