Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Vacation Advent House

 Can you believe Christmas is less than one week away?  How fast these Fall months pass by.

 The repair people showed up yesterday and not only did they not fix my malfunctioning oven, they broke the one that was working.  Do you think I am just a little bit frustrated?  This has been going on since Thanksgiving.  I have not been able to make anything for the shelter in weeks and weeks.

 Thank heavens I got most of my baking done already. Yesterday was their third visit.  Each time they have been here for 3 hours.  Teddy has to stay in the library when they are here and this does not make her happy at all.  She dislikes the repair guys only slightly more than I do.  Actually, the guys are very nice, my ovens are very complicated.

 They return again tomorrow with the supervisor to hopefully fix them once and for all.

 The downside is that they have replaced expensive elements on both ovens that were not the cause of the problem and have charged me for them.

 It's like a bad car repair nightmare.

I've kept myself busy making cookie trays.