Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Cookie Craziness

For those who asked, these Empire Biscuits have raspberry jam in the middle.  You can find the recipe here:

These are probably the tastiest of all the cookies I make.

We eat very few of any of these cookies.  I give my family a couple each day.  The rest will be made into cookie plates and given to all the elderly people in my neighborhood.  The rest will be going to the shelter on Christmas Eve.

These wreathes are always a big hit.

The trees and wreathes took 9 hours to make.  It took a very long time to place each piece of dried fruit and nuts on each cookie.

I made lots of rugelach too.

And kipples!

These kipples were made from my mother's recipe which is in her handwriting.  She has been gone for almost 50 years but when I make these I am still the little girl standing in the kitchen helping her.  They taste and smell exactly the same as they did long long ago.  The magic of cooking memory!