Friday, September 28, 2012

I know I said that the Food Post was going up today, but it's going to have to wait until tomorrow because we have what is supposed to a tremendous seafood buffet to go to later on this afternoon, and I definitely want that to be featured in said Food Post.  

Because of this, I'm going to go with an assortment of photos that I took over the last few evenings that show Key West by dusk, I guess you could say.
 This photo obviously is an exception to the dusk theme, but when I saw this hood ornament, I had to take a picture.
 These photos were taken from the La Concha hotel, the highest point in Key West.  You may remember me having mentioned the La Concha in my previous post about the ghost tour that Lara and I went on; because it's the highest point, it's also historically been a favorite location for people looking to leap to their deaths in these parts.
I'll say this: they sure had a terrific view during their last few moments on earth.
 People come up here nightly to watch the sun go down.  This is the second most popular place to view sunsets, aside from the Sunset Festival.

 A photo of Lara watching the sun begin to set.

 At first we were nervous that the cloud cover was too thick to see a good sunset.

 This was clearly not a problem, however.

 Lara said it looked like the sky was on fire.

 Last evening, while walking to dinner, I took some photos of the street we were on.

 Lara by the car.
 In photography, this time of day is what's known as the Magic Hour: the last hour before the sun goes down, or the first hour when the sun comes up.

 The light during this time has a golden look to it, and makes everything look lovely.
That's it for today!  Thanks for reading, and I *promise* there will be a food post tomorrow!

-Blog Tech