Thursday, August 18, 2011

Halloween Stuff

Now this is not too scary. Well, unless you try to come into her yard!

Some of the green came out of Teddy's mane during grooming but not all of it. Look how skinny she looks? Her winter coat has not come in yet.

I started to clean out my Halloween stuff so The Blog Tech can sell it on his ebay store. It is a bit embarrassing. I've only opened 3 boxes and I hardly have enough room to sit it out to see what I have.

A couple of hags I dragged back from the Czech Republic. The one on the left has a rat in her hair!

This German witch seems to smell something bad?!

If there is an empty pot or a spot of dirt in my yard, it has a mum in it now.

Well, almost! I bought 100 more mums this morning. The checkout lady recognized me. Mum shame!!!

The cemetery continues to fill in!

I am out of here now. I have lots of playing in the dirt to do today. Please send good rain energy! I and my mums need it!