Thursday, June 9, 2016

Garlic Scapes

If you grow your own garlic then you know it is garlic scape season.  Not long before you harvest garlic, it puts out these curly green beauties that are such a treat.  What can you make with them?

How about garlic scape breakfast sandwiches?
 Dice a bunch of the scapes and saute them in a bit of butter until they just begin to soften.  Don't overcook them because you want to retain their fresh scape flavor.

 Saute some pancetta until it is crisp.

Drain it on paper towels.
Shred some cheddar cheese and place it on a few buns.  You can use store bought or make your own.

 Pour some beaten eggs over the scapes and add some cracked pepper and sea salt.

 Fold the omelet over and cut it into sections.

 Place a piece on top of the cheese on each bun and top it with some pancetta. 

 I spread a little mayo on the buns too.

Wrap them in waxed paper and they are ready to go.  What do you make with scapes?