Saturday, September 13, 2014

Chagrin Falls, Ohio

 Chagrin Falls, Ohio....what a perfect little town.

 The Popcorn Shop is a local landmark and it sits right next to the falls.

 The water is muddy because there were severe storms the day before.

 This is some scary powerful water.

 It rushes right under the town's main street.

 The falls are surrounded by a classic small town park.

 This is a view from Main Street.

 This quaint inn sits right next to the falls.

 This is the second set of falls. That is the popcorn store sitting just above.

 The town still has a lot of the original buildings.

 And, of course, more lovely homes.

 I felt like I was walking through Camden, Maine.  It felt much more like a New England town than one in Ohio.

 There are not many towns I have visited that are as well kept as Chagrin Falls.

 Visiting this town is like going back in time.

 It takes me back to the days when no one locked their doors and all the neighborhood kids played outside all day.

 Where you decorated your bikes for Memorial Day.

 And waited all day on the 4th of July to watch the fireworks at night.

 This is absolutely my favorite home out of all we saw.  I love the red barn that goes with it.

 I am so glad we stumbled upon this wonderful small town.

I can't wait to visit it around Christmas.