Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Salem...Day Number 1

I love the old homes that surround the square in Salem.

Teddy likes the park.

She could spend the whole day there chasing squirrels.

All the restaurants have spooky versions of items on their menus.

Crow Haven Corner. This used to be owned by Laurie Cabot the official witch of Salem. She sold it and has another place which I will get to today!

Lots of fun places to dine.

The Blog Tech and his sister decide which direction to head off to.

If you want your fortune told, this is the place to visit!

This event is held each October.

There is plenty of mystical art for sale all over town.

I hope to visit this store today. It was closed yesterday when I was there. They carry the best spell books around.

The down side of Salem this time of year. Bus loads of school kids everywhere.

All sorts of characters abound.

Salem shirts for sale on every corner.

All of the activities are advertised in unique ways.

I know quite a few people I should buy this shirt for.

The local jeweler carries Mariposa Halloween serving pieces.

This is my favorite clothing store in town.

The place to shop if you are a witch about to be married.

A fine assortment of capes.

You can pick up a broom if you need one. Stop by and check them out. Signatures 181 Essex Street, Salem .

I might have to go back and buy this sign.

They have a large assortment of unique Halloween items.

Some of which will be ending up in my future giveaways.

Watch for a new giveaway on Saturday.

This shop carries witchy aprons with matching hats.

Witchy wines.

Witchy signs.

*More tomorrow from spooky town!

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