Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Walk in the Woods

 My forest fills in quickly once the warm weather arrives.

 The irises are blooming by the lower pond.

 After walking down the path to the lower garden and passing through the doors, you can see my raised bed.

 As my trees have grown, this garden is too shady for some vegetables. I grow things that can handle some shade.

 Like beets, I have 3 rows of different types of beets. I dug my rhubarb up last Fall and transplanted it but it looks like I missed some roots.

 Broccoli rabe and broccoli.

 I thought my grapes were done for after the winter we had but sure enough, they are growing again.

 Garlic, leeks, peppers and nasturtiums.


 I've turned this area into a berry garden.  There are gooseberries, currants, raspberries and blueberries planted here.

Morning Glories.

Notice that there are no roses on top of my potting shed?  All of my 'new dawn' roses died because of the freezing temps last winter. I've planted new ones but it will take several years for them to grow over the roof. I also have carpenter bees living in the eaves and they are very aggressive when I am working here.  They don't sting but they sure are annoying.

Baptisia about to bloom.

Strawberries and weeds.

On the way back to the upper garden.

Lily pads.

I am filling in the perennial beds with annuals.

I love my Japanese Maples.  We have had next to no rain here and are dryer than a bone.  I am hoping for rain today.  It seems that all I do is water.