Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Guest House

 I did not get one trick or treater last night.  I sure hope some come out on Saturday. So, here we are back to the guest house tour and the build up to the party.  This is the view from the hall on the garden side of the upstairs.  If you look closely you will see the tiny arborvitaes planted next to the garden door.  My wall of huge trees was broken by the big snow a few years ago so I am growing a new wall.

 The full bath with the original mud slip floor.  These floors are great and I preserve them whenever I can.  This has the original wall tile too.

 A guest room with The Blog Tech's old bunk beds.

 The kids used to love playing on these beds.

 Another dollhouse.

 The kids portraits from long ago.

 I made these blocks for The Blog Tech when he was born.

 Each day I would cut, sand and paint a few of them.

 A guest room in the front of the house.

 The bed has a Bad Witch pillow on it.

 The trunk holds my quilt collection.

 My pyrograhy chest sits on top of this dresser.

 Leaving the bedroom.

 When I refinished the floors, I had the original floor plan stained in a lighter shade.

 You can see the outline of the original walls. This would have been the original doorway from the living room to the dining room.

 I framed in an old schoolhouse blackboard and used chalk to create a Halloween theme for the party.  Click for a closer look.

 These doors lead to the patio and gardens.

 This kitchen door leads out to the terraced orchard.

 The pumpkin held pumpkin pie dip served with gingersnaps.

 A bat lace throw.

 Teddy lays outside of the kitchen door and waits for me to go home.

 A wonderful old German spice rack is just above the stove.

More German utensils.