Monday, July 30, 2012

Hot Hot Hot The Endless Summer

 It is still hot and humid here.  Will we ever see cool weather again? What a year to decide to plant a container garden.  I water endlessly!  This is my pepper/lemon grass pot.  They are very happy growing together.

 I have picked dozens of tomatoes.  Sometimes dozens in one day so they have done very well growing in containers. They have outgrown their cages too.

 Two kinds of eggplants.  They have not done all that well. I think I have picked about 8 so far.  But that is just the Ichibans. This is the first fat one and it still has a long way to go.

 I continue to make delectable pepper and cheese omelets with these beauties.

 The bush tomatoes have done the best of all in the pots.

 And okra has finally flowered.  I had almost given up.  Will I get enough to make gumbo?  I sure hope so.

 I predict many more peppers in my future.  You didn't know how psychic I am did you?

 My baby bay leaf tree has doubled in size.

 And my mums are blooming all over the gardens.

 This pot of flowers has done very well probably because it is not in the blazing sun.

 My hydrangeas put out double growth this year because of the heat so I had to cut them way back very early.

 My flowers did not do as well as I hoped.  Most are perennials so I am hoping they will be better next year.

I will be trimming the mums soon hoping they will bloom again this fall.  How does your garden grow?