Saturday, March 10, 2012

Tough Decisions

This giant red maple is my favorite tree. It shades the back of my house from harsh summer sun and it keeps Teddy cool. It shows the most spectacular color in Fall and is so vibrant it tints my entire kitchen red.

But, a couple days ago I noticed this.

Upon closer inspection I saw this.

It is lifting my pavers.

It's roots fill all of the cracks on my patio.

Then I saw this and my decision was made.

I have been living with roots like these slowly taking over my gardens.

Two of my honey locust have to go too. They are destroying my back patio.

I can barely get grass to grow.

The Little Shop of Horrors.

At least 2 of these maples have to go too.

Teddy will be as unhappy as I.

This is her, Do these trees really have to go, mama?, look.

Yes, it is time.

This I could live with.

This I can not. Why do landscape architects recommend these plantings when they know what eventual havoc they will wreak? I see a wealthy arborist in my future!